Beauly Priory near Inverness, Scotland

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Beauly Priory is located northwest of Inverness, Scotland in a small village named Beauly. The word 'Beauly' translates to "beautiful place", and this word and the priory has French origins. The priory is not the most-documented, but it was probably founded in 1230. The priory was founded by the monks from the Burgundy area of France under the Valliscaulian order. The order changed in 1510 to the Cistercian order, and it became abandoned after the Reformation. The lead from the roof was taken, and the stones were removed to use in other buildings. The ruins of the priory can be visited, and it is free to walk around inside.


The priory was visited in August 1818 by writer John Keats and Charles Brown. They collaborated on a poem inspired by the priory, known as "On Some Skulls in Beauley Abbey". 



Since 1913, the priory is in the care of the state and looked after by Historic Environment Scotland.

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