Lush Valentine's Day 2018

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February is here, and that means it is nearly Valentine's Day. Visiting Lush for their Valentine's Day products is always a treat as I love the heart-shaped and early spring items. This Valentine's Day brings back some old favourites as well as introducing new items. At the moment, my favourite is the Cherryish body scrub and the 'Tunnel of Love' soap-and-body-butter blend.


Tisty Tosty bath bomb: Released again for Valentine's Day this year is the heart-shaped floral bath bomb. This heart-shaped bath bomb contains rose buds, which are released in the bath water. The scents are lemon oil, geranium, and jasmine.

Whole Lotta Love bubbleroon: This pink heart-shaped bubbleroon was one of the products on offer last year. It is a floral-scented bath bom sandwiched with shea butter to help soften and moisturise the skin.

Cherryish body scrub: This almond and cherry-scented body scrub bar with a cute cherry on top is created using crushed cherry seeds to help exfoliate the skin. Crushed cherry seeds are better for the environment as they are natural (instead of using plastic beads which pollute the water).

Heart of Enlightened Expectation bath melt: Ylang ylang, bergamot, geranium, and jasmine are used to create this highly-moistturising bath melt. They remind me of iced cookies.

Melt My Heart massage bar: This massage bar smells like herbs with cypress oil and orange flower. It is made with cocoa butter and dried rose petals to help moisturise the skin while it is being massaged into it. I really like the scent of this product.

Giant Rose Bombshell bath bomb: This floral pink bath bomb contains rose and geranium oils to create the floral scent. The bath bomb contains yellow rose petals which are released in the bath.

Love Boat bath bomb: Smelling of sweet orange and lemon, this blue and pink boat-shaped bath bomb floats on the water. It is one of the most eye-catching Valentine's Day Lush products.

Tunnel of Love soap: This Valentine's Day soap is called 'Tunnel of Love' because it has pink soap on the outside and soft body butter on the inside. The soap is created with rose water and has a floral scent. The butter in the middle adds moisturiser to the skin. It's a new product using a combination that I have not seen Lush use before. 


Kiss Me Quick wash card: This lip-shaped wash card is meant to be lathered up to create a soap for body and hair. This is a revisit of the product, which was a card last year. It's perfect to take on travels, particularly for travel abroad.


Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb: This yellow bath bomb contains purple/blue cornflower petals, and it adds a sunny colour to the bath for the long winter days. The scent contains lemon and lime zest, neroli oil, and cocoa butter.

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