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London-based street artist Jim Vision has recently painted the large wall at the bottom of Hanbury Street off of Brick Lane. In a call for titles for the new work, which features a god-like tribal character with the backdrop of a paradise filled with exotic animals on the left and a fiery forest with man and beat on the right, the artist asked for titles for the new work on his Instagram feed; the title that I suggested was "Paradise Lost", and that is the title selected for the piece.


Jim Vision often paints fantasy, environmental scenes, and scenes with native people.




Jim Vision also replaced his previous work featuring a scene with native Americans in a modern world with a new scene with native Americans on horses fighting with cowboys. The piece was painted over several large sections of scaffolding.


I previously featured Jim Vision on this blog in the following post: Jim Vision Adds to tagged ROA Hedgehog and New Work.

Telmo Miel is a street art duo from the Netherlands comprised of Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann. Both artists have studied the arts with focus on graphic design, illustration, and grafitti. They also have additional skills that complement each other; Miel has experience at creating music while Telmo has skills in film and photography. The last time that they painted in London was in 2015, when they completed their series of artwork "Glove Loves", morphing objects with gloves. They recently came to London ahead of this year's Monkier Art Fair, which was held earlier this month, and left a new mural.


The newest mural is located on Hanbury Street just off of Brick Lane. It is titled "Odds and Ends, Bits and Pieces". Telmo Miel often feature hybrid objects or two items that typically do not go together. This piece takes on that theme with a gnome merged with an upside-down ice cream cone for a head.


Previous artwork by Telmo Miel that I have covered in my blog can be seen here:

Telmo Miel "Love Gloves"

AKACorleone Paints "Void"

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AKACORLEONE is an illustrator, designer, and artist from Lisbon, Portugal. Grafitti is an inspiration for him, and he uses the street to create walls which pop in colour and shape. Recently, he painted the gates at the Truman Brewery just off Brick Lane with "VOID", which is an artwork that is formed of bright shapes.


The primary yellow, blue and red are also crossed with pink and black. Illustrations that appear to be lighted matches, cigarettes, and a volcano appear to be a part of the collage along with a CCTV camera projecting imagery.

London-based street artist Ben Slow exhibited some of his artwork at the Monkier Art Fair last week. During the week, he also painted a new mural just off Brick Lane and next to 'The Pride of Spitalfields' pub. The figure is a portrait painted in black and white with gold rendering at the top of the canvas/wall.


I've previously covered artwork by Ben Slow on this blog:

Ben Slow's New Charlie Burns Mural
Street Art: Ben Slow

Zabou Paints "Alice in Wonderland"

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London-based artist Zabou has recently returned to one of her walls (where her work has been featured over the past couple of years) to repaint. I was looking forward to seeing some new work on this wall, which previously featured Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper. The wall is located on "The Bell" pub near Petticoat Lane Market and features Alice and friends from "Alice in Wonderland". Earlier this summer, Zabou painted Sid Vicious from the band, 'The Sex Pistols' near Shoreditch High Street.


Alice features in the mural as well as the white rabbit, a bottle of "drink me" potion, and the Cheshire Cat in the shadows.




More work by Zabou that I featured on my blog is:

Zabou paints Sid Vicious from 'The Sex Pistols'
Zabou Paints Freda #2 at Broadway Market

Zabou Paints Salvador Dali on Commercial Road
Koeone and Zabou Collaborate
"Keep Out!" Street Art by Zabou
Zabou's 'Cabinet of Curiosity' Street Art
Leake Street Tunnels Street Art, Spring 2016
Recent Street Art by Zabou
Street Art: Zabou

Dulk Street Art "Resurrection"

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Several new street art works appeared in Shoreditch and Spitalfields with the recent "Monkier Art Fair" and "The Other Art Fair" taking place on Brick Lane last week. One of the artists who had some work at "The Monkier Art Fair" was Spanish artist, illustrator, and graphic designer Dulk. His work was on display for the first time in the UK. In addition to the work displayed at the art fair, he painted a new piece on Pedley Street, named "Resurrection". 


Dulk was inspired to paint at a young age after being inspired by all of the birds and animals that he grew up around in Spain. Although he studied economics, he always carried a sketchbook with him and eventually studied illustration and graphic design. Dulk's style is to combine surrealistic landscapes with imaginary creatures, and his theme is often of the future of humans or extinction.


The rhino in the artwork is surrounded by orange creatures with colourful horns. The rhino has two horns, transparent with dying plants inside them. They appear to be floating or against a cloudy sky.



I enjoy seeing a new mural by a street artist who is new to London, so I do hope the artist paints more in the city.

Banksy "Snorting Copper" Uncovered

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Yesterday, one of Banksy's older murals was put on display near where it was discovered on Curtain Road, where a lot of building work is currently taking place. The work was discovered and restored over the past months. Due to being out of town for the past two days and recovering today, I was unable to see it. Apparently, it was painted over because it suffered damage. 


The image shows a police man snorting a line of cocaine. The piece has not been reproduced anywhere else, so it is an original. This comes within a couple of weeks of Banksy's collaboration tribute with grafitti-great Basquiat at Barbican, which I covered here.

The work is apparently restored to the floor where it was discovered a decade ago, and that location is at 115 Curtain Road. 

Street Artist SNUB Paints in London

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Street artist SNUB23, whose work I have seen a lot of in Birmingham, has recently been to London and left a new piece on Hanbury Street. This is the first time that I remember seeing work by SNUB in London. SNUB is a graphic designer, and he is anti-commercialism. His alter-ego robot, Hammerstein, is the subject that he often paints. He works as a solo artist or as a collective of like-minded street artists for the same cause.


The new piece features SNUB23's iconic green robot face, which is slowly morphed to appear more human across a series of three-dimensional cubist backgrounds. It's a wonderful addition to London's street art scene.




Street Art: Ketones6000

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Ketones6000 is an artist from western Austrailia who is currently living in London. He creates artwork with geometry and colour and became interested in the arts through live theatre production. He has won awards in Austraila for his work and currently paints and completes street art in London. This year, he has painted several pieces. The most recent additions to his work include portraits and imagery of bees. 


On Pedley Street, he recently painted "The Bee Keeper" featuring a face surrounded by several bees and fruit. 


A realistic mural with bees and yellow flowers was painted on Great Eastern Street. The more recent pieces have been created beautifully as the artist continues creating street art, and the mural on Great Eastern Street is the best. It's a pity that the wall it is painted on is very angular as it doesn't show off the realism of the piece.


Off Bethnal Green Road, the bee theme was kept with another similar mural.





For Quaker Street cafe, Ketones6000 created two separate murals within a week or two of each other. One with with purple and yellow flowers, and the other was a portrait of a female with a floral background.



Earlier in the summer, he painted the following portrait of a female face surrounded by pink flowers.



Hopefully we will be seeing more work from this artist on London's walls.

Mexican-Columbian street artist Stinkfish has previously painted and exhibited in London. He's currently back in the city to promote his "Portraits in Transit" exhibition at BSMT in Dalston, which is on until the 8th of October. He creates images of people that he sees on his journeys and uses bright colours and geometric shapes. The skin of his subjects is painted in yellow while their style is highly illustrated with several bright geometric shapes radiating from them.


The newest work is located at the end of Hanbury Street, which has become a popular spot for street art this year. There are also a few new pieces across other areas in London. 


Previous work by Stinkfish that I have covered in this blog can be seen below:

Street Art: Stinkfish, Acaro, Mazatl


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