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Street artist Pyramid Oracle (originally covered here) started to paste up artwork in London a couple of years ago. In 2016, he pasted up several new pieces around east London, and although most of these have now gone, a couple of them can still be seen. The artist is originally from the midwest in the USA, and a lot of his work has been placed in several major US cities. Animals and abstract portraits are two subjects that he covers. I recenly have uncovered a few new pieces that he pasted up in the past couple of weeks. 


The tiger, located off Commercial Road, is my favourite of the new pieces. Another, also located on Commercial Road, is of a toad. The third is on Fashion Street and features an older man.



More of Pyramid Oracle's work can be seen here:

Street art: Pyramid Oracle
Pyramid Oracle pastes new street art in east London

Last month, I posted some ceramic mask street art that I discovered around Brick Lane. It does not include a name or tag of the artist, but I discovered a couple more pieces around Brick Lane. My original post is located here: Ceramic Street Art Masks and Skulls. Please let me know if you know who the artist is. 


Urban Solid Sculptural Invasion

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Italian street art duo Urban Solid have returned to London in order to display their sculptures at Brick Lane Gallery. They are noted for their street art urban sculptures, and they pasted up "Audio Surveillance" scuptures a few years ago and also place people's faces coming out of television sets. They've recently started to create life-size "Adam and Eve" sculptures and retro gaming/casino plaques with "1Up" and "5 Points" on them. Their sculptures were on display in an exhibition entitled "Sculptural Invasion" for a week from 30 May until today (June 5). I had the chance to check out their work as well as to discover new artwork that the duo put up on the street.


Toward the end of last year, they placed their "Adam and Eve" sculptures just off Brick Lane, and these had been a big hit with tourists posing for photographs. The two figures were painted like tourists. This time, the two figures are painted completely in gold with bright neon pink and green sunglasses.


I also wandered the streets to look for more items left behind and discovered two on either end of Grimsby Street and one in Star Yard. 




I also popped into Brick Lane Gallery in order to see the exhibit, which I got photographs of below. 







For previous posts about Urban Solid on this blog, visit:

Street Art: Urban Solid
Urban Solid duo put up new London Street Art Installations 

In light of the increasing threat of the losers who are terrorising our cities, I have decided that today was appropriate to post new street art by Fanakapan that appeared last weekend in Star Yard off of Brick Lane. The artwork was actually painted for the events and those that lost their lives in the terrorist events that happened in Manchester a couple of weeks ago. 


Previous work by Fanakapan that has appeared on this blog can be seen by looking at the below links:

Fanakapan Paints Shoreditch Clowns
Chrome Balloon Dog in Star Yard

Fanakapan Paints "Power Tools" on Village Underground Wall

Fanakapan Paints "Drunk Glass Elephants"
Fanakapan, Horror Crew, & Jerry Rugg
Louis Masai and Fanakapan: "Freedom?"
New Chrome Street Art Mask by Fanakapan
Balloon Animal Street Art
Cranio & Fanakapan
Fanakapan and Horror Crew

Dreph "You Are Enough" (Part 2)

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Street artist Dreph is currently painting a series of inspiring and community-oriented black women across London in a work titled "You Are Enough". Each features a female hero subject. The last that I photographed a couple of weeks ago appeared in Star Yard and featured a friend of the artist, Myvanwy Evans, who currently works in marketing and is an artist. The most recent edition in the series was painted at the end of last week and features Tracy Blackstock, the mother of Dreph's son.  


Tracy is the youngest of 9 children born to first generation Jamaican parents, and she works with people on probation and resettlement for offenders. She also helps children and youths who have been abused and wants to prevent them from abusing others in the same way that they have had to endure when they were younger. 


More work by Dreph can be seen on my blog in the following posts:

Dreph 'You Are Enough' (6th Edition)
Dreph Paints Holly Oluwo

New Street Art Portraits by Dreph
Street Art: Dreph

Chess-Playing Monkey Street Art

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A couple of weeks ago, a new large-scale mural appeared on Pedley Street. The mural features a chess-playing monkey in the shadows. (I don't know if anyone else had a difficult time putting this one together, but for the longest time, I did not see the monkey and tried to find something in the shapes; it only came together after a handful of visits and when I was standing from afar.) The image is painted using black and white paint and is void of colour.


I'm actually not sure who the artist is as the work is not signed, so do put the artist's name in the comments if you know.

'Gadus Morhua' Fish Street Art

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The last time I visited Broadway Market was at the end of 2015. I really ought to get back there more often as it's a market that I really enjoy visiting in London. However, I decided to walk to Broadway Market during one of my lunch breaks on a weekday. I came across the giant fish on the side of a building on my way back to Hackney Road. The giant fish illustration is located at the junction of Pritchard's Row and Goldsmith Road near Broadway Market. Underneath the giant fish is the Latin name, "Gadus Mordua". I am not entirely sure if the fish is meant to represent Regent's Canal near here, the market, or something entirely different. I could not find out anything about it online, so if you do know what it is meant to represent, do tell me in the comments.


New Sr. X Octopus on Hackney Road

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Spanish street artist Sr.X has painted a few walls in London this year, including the large Village Underground wall (covered here). While out walking around at lunch, I discovered a new mural on scaffolding along Hackney Road that Sr.X has also completed recently. I'm not sure exactly when the piece was completed, but it could not have been too long ago. It features an octopus on a blue background with the signature geometric lines and bright colours that the artist is known for.



Previous work that I covered by Sr.X is located here:

Sr.X Paints Village Underground Wall
Sr.X "Buy Shit!" Sign on Village Underground

Several black plaster skulls appeared around east London late last year. Throughout the past few months, some of these had disappeared. The skulls were all black and looked pretty much the same, and I was never able to find a tag to state who was responsible for leaving these. However, last week I noticed that the skulls have started to bloom. The skulls were planters, and various types of plants were planted at the top of the skull. These have started to grow, giving the street art a new dimension.




I am still unable to find out who is responsible for leaving these black plaster skull planters on London's streets, so if you do know anything about them, let me know in the comments.

Artist Cosmo Sarson does not often paint street art, but I have previously seen his work on London's walls in 2014 (when he completed two works off Brick Lane) and in 2015 during Bristol's street art festival Upfest. The artist is well-known for his "breakdancing Jesus" figures. His work reminds me of Renaissance paintings, which he seems to be inspired by. The latest piece graces the Pedley Street wall, in the prime position right off Brick Lane. It features a man breakdancing over the artist's first name (that he paints by) "Cosmo".




Previous work by Cosmo Sarson that I have previously covered in this blog includes:

Bristol Upfest 2015
Street Art: Cosmo Sarson


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