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CCTV Cameras Java Application

CCTV Cameras Java Application
August 2005 - January 2007
Java Programmer, User Interface Designer
Java, Java Swing
This application was developed for operators who monitor road network CCTV cameras. This large-scale project took two years to complete. This software enables operators to view CCTV cameras on a number of display devices, cycle through different cameras, store information about cameras and camera positions, and view camera locations on a map. There is also a detailed administration panel for higher levels of user and the ability to report and monitor faults. This application was deployed in different control rooms across the country.
My primary task was to develop the user interface using Java and Java Swing and to use good design practices, such as MVC. I developed a custom layout using XML and the Synth class. I was also involved in the system design and developed some of the GUI subsystems, including the operator room interface layout with display devices, fault management system, control panels, and administrator wizards.

I worked in a team with seven full-time staff and four part-time staff in order to deliver this project.