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Web Issue

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My web site has been down due to some DNS and server integration problems. Apologies to those of you who visited and found nothing but the typical Microsoft 'this page can not be found' error. I only noticed the problem the evening before my flight to Venice, and gathered that the site was down for nearly a week before today, when I only just managed to correct the problem. It looks as though the absense has not done too much damage in the search engines, and I hope it stays that way. Apologies again.


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I've just returned from Venice. It was only a short trip - a day and a half at most. The weather was alright. It's a lovely place, actually. A lot of bridges over canals. It was like a maze. The streets flooded sometimes when the tide was in. I did some shopping for gifts. The shopping isn't the best unless you are looking for expensive glassware. It was a nice place to visit, though, and I saw a lot in the short amount of time I was there. One of the most different things I saw was a little boat carrying a coffin with flowers on top; unfortunately, I did not have my camera turned on when I saw this, so I missed the photo opportunity.








Review: Bridget Jones

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Hello world. Just returned from seeing Bridget Jones. Average at best; the first was much better. (Spoliers follow.) I just didn't think it worked. The whole Thailand scene was put in for the sole purpose of helping the two get back together; I saw that coming. And the 'lesbian kiss' scene. It looked as though it was just put in to explain the relationship between the characters quickly, like it was thrown in. They could have done a better explanation, and granted that it was a fairly big part of the film, they should have spent more time in explanation. There are a few laughs but it doesn't hold the value that the previous film did, and the storyline (and pacing) just doesn't work. Now for a question that has been stumping me: public urination. After coming out of the cinema, I noticed a group of guys that were urinating in the car park. Why oh why? The toliets were just inside.


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