A Visit to KERB Street Food Market in Camden

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One beautiful and hot day toward the end of August, I left work in the afternoon to have a wander around London's newest street food markets, KERB market in Camden. KERB is chain of street food market vendors who currently sell at King's Cross and Paddington. Their newest venture opened in the middle of August at Camden, located by the canal and on the edge of the Stables market in the same space where there were previous street food vendors. KERB promise 35 street vendor stalls trading daily in Camden, and there are some real gems in the street food line-up.


When I visited, the market was busy, and this was a weekday and during time when many people would have still been at work. (I remember visiting this area on a Saturday at the end of last year, and it was too busy to even walk around.) In terms of street food, options are endless: pizza, Mexican, Asian/Indian/Oriental, middle eastern, vegan sweets, ice cream, lemonade, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, vegetarian, grilled cheese, game, salads, American/South American, steak, seafood, burgers, and more.


My first stop was to Blu Top. Blu Top sell ice cream, and ice cream wedged between cookies (an ice cream sandwich) is one of their offerings. I was lucky to get the last ice cream sandwich of the day. The milk used in the ice cream is produced from Jersey cattle in Ireland. The cookie was very good and went well with the ice cream.




Next up, Oli Baba's and their famous halloumi fries. I love fried halloumi. They were light and tasty and served with Yogurt, pomegranate seeds, mint, sumac, and chilli. I'm not a fan of yogurt, so I opted for the pomegranate seeds, chili, and mint, and the combinations with the hammoumi worked perfectly. These were so delicious that I am craving these again after writing about them.


Afterwards, I went to get a drink at Soda Bar, owned by Square Root. They are a Hackney-based vendor who create soft drinks. I had the raspberry lemonade, and this was delicious. Again, I am craving one of these right now.



Finally, the last stop was to The Mac Factory. They are famous for their different flavours of NYC-style macaroni and cheese (an American staple food) topped with parmesan, sourdough and thyme crumble. I had the original 'nastalgic' cheese edition, which was described as a blend of three different cheeses. This was good but very filling as the containers are large.


Visit KERB, and I guarantee that you will not go hungry as there is something for everyone here. I hope to visit again soon in order to try out additional street food, so watch this space.

The official website for KERB street food market in Camden can be visited here: http://www.kerbfood.com/camden/ 

Zabou's 'Cabinet of Curiosity' Street Art

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French street artist Zabou has been painting regularly in London for the past couple of years, and I have published a couple of posts with her work here and here. Her newest piece is titled 'Cabinet of Curiosity', which is located on Goulston Street (Petticoat Lane). This replaced a previous mural by the artist that featured Jack the Ripper. This new piece features a Sherlock Holmes-esque character with a magnifying glass.



In addition to the piece above, I managed to capture more work by the artist over the past few months.



The below is a self portrait of the artist with colourful splashed of spray paint and a mask.



I always enjoy seeing new work by Zabou as it's often clever, eye-catching, and some of her work is also funny. 

Street Art: St8ment

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St8ment is a paste-up street artist who has been on the London scene for awhile. In fact, the images below are from a few years ago. Like many street artists and paste-up artists, the information about him (or her) is not available. I do know that it appears that he/she has taken a variety of photographs of random people on holiday and pasted them around various places in London. They appear to be lost figments going about their own business in their own countries/cities and have been transported to the middle of London.


More work can be found on the artist's website at https://st8mentart.wordpress.com/tag/st8ment-street-art/

Earlier this month, the bloke and I went to see "Charlier & the Chocolate Factory" at the theatre. Before our visit, we went to the Chesterfield Mayfair to try their "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed" afternoon tea. I still had my golden envelope from my Christmas visit last year that I wanted to use, and I was impressed with the afternoon tea on that visit; their afternoon tea is award-winning. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" are going to be going to New York next summer, but it has been shown in London for a little while now.


We were shown our seats, which was located in the main indoor part of Butlers restaurant inside the hotel. (Last time, I was in the conservatory of Butlers, which was beautifully decorated for the holidays.) The afternoon tea was accompanied with live piano music and ranged from classics to more modern rock music. 


We received a welcome drink, which was a combination of popping candy and a sweet fruit juice. It came in a cute bottle, and I loved the taste of this. I was then able to open my golden envelope to reveal the prize - two glasses of champagne.



We selected our choice of teas first. I selected the "Willy Wonka Tea", which is a blend of black teas and cocoa to provide a sweet aftertaste. The bloke ordered one of the flowering teas. The flower bud was placed into a clear teapot with hot water poured inside. We could watch as the tea was infused from the flower.



The "Charlie and the Chesterfield" afternoon tea includes the following sandwiches: honey roast ham with mustard and tomato chutney, roast chicken with mustard and almond, smoked salmon with cream cheese, cucumber and cream cheese, and egg mayonnaise.


These were then followed by a selection of scones; we received two chocolate scones and two fruit scones. Clotted cream and strawberry jam were included with the scones. They tasted fresh and were crumbly. I find scones to be filling, and the scones served are in smaller sizes. (Visitors can ask for more scones.)


The pastries included the following: blueberry macaroon, bubblegum eclair, fruity tart, Oompa Loompa cupcake, Fizzy lifting cake, white chocolate golden egg with mango, and a crispy Wonka chocolate bar. I really liked the chocolate bar and the fruity tart. The bubblegum eclair was different. White chocolate lovers will love the golden egg filled with a mango sauce.


At the end, we could pick a large ever-lasting gobstopper from a Willy-Wonka hat and two new golden envelopes that could reveal a prize. We were also told to take some of the sweets away by the exit, and we were given a few items to take away as we were in a little bit of a rush to go to the theatre.

Turning up at the theatre last-minute was great for getting a great bargain to see a show. We had top seats for just under half of the price if we had booked in advance. The seats at the Theatre Royal (Drury Lane) are not as staggered as other theatres in the stalls, so smaller viewers may struggle to see. The set design was amazing and done cleverly in some places.

Adnate Street Art in London

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Adnate is a street artist from Australia who is inspired by works of Renaissance painters and who started out as a grafitti artist in order to create artwork using spray paint as his medium of choice. His paintings often use bright colours and feature portraits. He recently painted a couple of murals in London, which I have photographed below. His work is stunning and realistic, catching the eye of visitors who pass by it. The first work is painted on Sclater Street, and the other piece is near Bethnal Green.




The artist had also previously been to London and left behind additional artwork, which does not exist any longer.


Street artist Hannah Adamszek often paints in London, and I've captured some of her work in the Leake Street tunnels, Whitecross Street, Camden, in Shoreditch and off Brick Lane. Her most recent contribution to the streets of London is on Great Eastern Street where she painted one of her colourful female portraits with flowers and wildlife in conjunction with street artist Saroj.


Hannah paints female portraits and focuses on the beauty, and she's also been known to paint wildlife, such as the fox below. Saroj's work features the illustrated and coloured flowers, insects and birds. Both artistic styles are very complimentary.





Capturing the whole piece was awkward and impossible due to the construction and road work going on in front of it and a couple of guys who were employed to make sure people do not get too close to the work, but I managed to get a large part of the wall.

Mr. Cenz Paints Hanbury Street

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Mr. Cenz is one street / grafitti artist who has been painting the streets for a long time. He started painting in the late 1980s and is a regular of the London street art scene with many of his pieces around Brick Lane, Shoreditch and further afield. His work mainly features female subjects with bright colours, and they are often painted with a grafitti style. More of his recent work can be seen in my post here


Recently, one of the high profile walls on Hanbury Street became a canvas for the artist with a purple and blue female face and arm. I'm happy to see this new piece on the wall as it has not had the best artwork in the recent months.


New Jana & JS Street Art

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Jana & JS are a duo of street artists from France and Austria who feature themselves as subjects in the artwork that they paint in different cities. The last time that they were in London, if my memory is correct, was in the summer of 2013 when they painted a large-scale piece and some smaller pieces in Shoreditch. You can see their work in my previous post Street Art: Jana & JS.


The duo had returned to London for an exhibition and left three new artworks, which I was able to track down along Brick Lane. 



I enjoy seeing work by these artists as they are unexpected little treasures with clever placement in the locations that they are painted in. At the time of writing this, the piece directly above has been painted over.

Big Smoke Street Art

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The weekend before last, I took a walk from Bethnal Green down Hackney Road and came across a few new street art pieces. A street art collaboration has recently gone up in Ion Square off of Hackney Road. The work is by Pref and Gary, both of whom use typography in their street art. Pref often creates phrases in limited space by using different shapes and colours that are then overlayed on top of each other. This recent large-scale piece is a collaboration between the artists and reads "Big Smoke". The word "Smoke" is in grey lettering and in the back and over the top of the orange and gold "BIG".



It was nice to see this unexpected artwork on this wall, which had been neglected for awhile but which did previously contain some street art.

Earlier this summer, street artists Louis Masai and Birdo collaborated on a large-scale mural of birds near Bethnal Green tube station. Louis Masai has painted quite a lot in London (where he lives), and he's recently collaborated with artists such as Fanakapan during 'Meeting of the Styles'. His work showcases animals and environmental causes, and he was one of the masterminds of the Endangered13 Paint Jam, which I covered in detail near the beginning of the year and raised awareness of endangered animals. One of the styles that he has used often is the quiltwork pattern with bright colours, but he also creates more realistic depictions of animals. He painted the bird heads and the bird on the left.


Birdo, also known as Jerry Rugg, is a Canadian street artist; he was in town in July to paint at Bristol's annual street art festival Upfest. He painted another piece off Brick Lane, which was a collaboration with Fanakapan and Horror Crew. He painted the body of the bird on the right, using the bright colours with geometric shapes.



This is a beautiful collaboartion of two complimentary styles.


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