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Spring is here: I am behind on showcasing a couple of projects here as my energy has been focused elsewhere. I am in the process of a redesign now, since I do have some time... and as soon as I get into a cycle, the clocks change. What's new, then? I've been slowly getting through the two box set DVDs of The Twilight Zone, which I received for Christmas. (After that, it's the Monkees DVDs). Personal Zone favourites include The After Hours, The Invaders, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street, Walking Distance, The Lonely, Probe 7 - Over and Out, Perchance to Dream, The Hitch-Hiker, and It's a Good Life. Saturday night's Doctor Who episode was pretty good too, and I'm looking forward to the series and for the return of the second season of Battlestar Gallactica, which I did not care for in the first few episodes. (Bastille Day was the low point of that series, I thought. It has to do with political/patriotic issues and terrorism and long-winded speeches about freedom.)

A Trip to Cornwall

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Here's some photos from my recent trip to Cornwall.

The village of Falmouth and its harbour in Cornwall.

Flowers in the Eden Project

Flowers in the Eden Project

Lambs in the fog in Cornwall

Coast along Cornwall, Kynance Cove

Polperro, Cornwall

Lanyon Quoit

Nine Maidens Stone Circle

Bedruthan Steps, along the Cornish coast


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In memory of Bells, 13 March 1988 - 26 May, 2003. He was an adorable tabby-striped Maine Coon kitten and grew into a pretty cat. Sweet-tempered, yet independent. He was more intelligent than some people. He was born when I was nine, and he spent his early kitten days hiding from me. He knew exactly when I'd get home from school, and he would disappear around that time because he knew I wanted to give him attention and interrupt his playing and tree-climbing and whatever else kittens do. Then, I went to camp for a week later on that year, and he actually missed me and kept meowing at the front door.

Films Reviews

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I have updated my résumé/cv, viewable in HTML or PDF format. I am currently working on a redesign of this web site, but don't expect this to be finished anytime soon. News: I've watched a couple new films recently. Sunday night I saw Sideways. Although it was an interesting film about the relationships between the two main characters and their feelings of insecurity and other flaws and, to a lesser extent, their strengths, it lacked originality. In a sense, it is a movie about life and disappointment, and in my opinion, it offered little. On the other hand, Monday night's viewing of The Aviator was more promising and I am disappointed that it failed to pick up 'best picture' at the Oscar awards, although I haven't seen the film that won it. The Aviator kept me interested, despite being three hours long, and it offered a good story and good characterization. It is possibly the best film I have seen for the 2004 year, though possibly sharing that place with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. (I did see Team America in early February, and it offered a few laughs, but I feel it went overboard on the humor at times too. This is similar to how I have felt about South Park in the last four or five seasons.)


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