A Day in Lincoln and Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire (England)

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At the end of July, the bloke and I visited the city of Lincoln. Lincoln was one of the few tourist cities in England that I had not yet visited, and I've wanted to make a visit for the past few years. Finally, this plan became a reality at the end of last month when we spent the day in the city. I did plan on spending the weekend there, but all of the hotels were full by the time I got the opportunity to take time to book it. Despite not having that long there, we did see a lot of the city and got the opportunity to see the poppies at Lincoln Castle, a visit to Lincoln Castle, and a short visit to the cathedral.


Lincoln was founded on an Iron Age settlement, which became a Roman settlement with a city wall. It was a very wealthy city in the middle ages due to the wool trade and dying of the wool in bright green (known as Lincoln Green) and red colours.


The coat of arms of King James I adorns this Roman archway.


A climb up Steep Hill is necessary to take in the views, and many small shops are located here. Several of these are sweet shops, cafes, and tea rooms that cater to the tourists. I took so many photographs on the walk up, and the hill is very steep in places.




Also along this stretch are beautiful buildings, such as the "Jew's House" below. The city had a large Jewish population at one time, but they were treated unfairly.







At the top of the hill is the castle and the cathedral, which opens into a beautiful square.



On the way back down Steep Hill, I noticed the plaque on this pie shop. It mentioned Lawrence of Arabia. He lodged here and wrote about his life leading the Arabian troups in World War I.



The views were amazing, and we had such lovely weather.




At the top of the hill, we also had a look at the cathedral and peeked inside. There is an entrance fee to enter the cathedral, but we opted to give it a miss and see what we could from the entrance of the cathedral. A cathedral was built here in the 1000s, but it burnt down and had to be rebuilt in 1185. That cathedral fell in an earthquake and was built again. Each new cathedral was larger than the last, and the spires on this were the tallest man-made structure, higher than the pyramids. The spires were since removed because they were struck by lightning. 




We headed back to the car at the bottom of town, where Brayford Pool is located. This is a modern part of town, although the old settlement was located around the pool until the castle was built on the top for defense. Many restaurants and entertainment venues are in this area.


Have you ever visited Lincoln?

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