A visit to Buckeye Winery and watching 'Rogue One'

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A lot has been happening over the past week with cheese and wine and tours to Cambridge to see Dickens Victorian Village and the Courthouse Light Show. We also visited Newark, Ohio. A few days ago, the bloke and I caught the first showing of "Rogue One", the new "Star Wars" film. I wasn't too disappointing and I enjoyed it overall. I won't be spoiling it for anyone who has not seen it.


One of the places we visited in Newark was Buckeye Winery, which is located on the courthouse square. Newark's courthouse is always decorated beautifully for the holidays, but they have had a break this year while they restore the building and its clock tower. I covered Newark's courthouse Christmas lights in a previous post from 2013. Buckeye Winery has a large selection of wines and gifts, including the slushie flavoured wines that have a sweet taste. Pizzas can be purchased from the pizza place (Christy's) a few buildings away, or they can be ordered in. Their pizza is good! This time, we ordered the cheese selection. There are several types of cheese to choose from, but I got the sharp cheddar and the smoked cheddar to keep everyone happy. The cheese came with crackers.


We ordered peach, Santa's Punch (described as a red wine), and strawberry wine slushies to have with the cheese. The very cold weather did not prevent us from ordering these!


Afterwards, we walked back to the car and had a look at the restoration work on the courthouse. We also saw the new murals, and some of these were painted from historical photographs. The murals were historical scenes with some of them mimicking old shop fronts.





Another attraction of Newark are the Indian (native American) mounds. These stretch for miles, and a lot of them have been destroyed a long time ago. The local mall takes its name from these burial mounds. Some of the preserved ones stretch through this park, and as far as we know, they are not arranged into any shapes like the Serpent Mound in southern Ohio.



Last, but not least, we learned that astronaut/politician John Glenn died. He was from New Concord, Ohio. This isn't far from Cambridge, Ohio, so there were tributes to him and a lot of flags were flying half-mast around our area. My grandmother went to school with him and knew him; he was a year older. Apparently, he wasn't that great at school but did so well afterwards.


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