Exhibition: Star Wars Identities

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I received tickets to visit "Star Wars Identities", which is an exhibition behind held at the O2 in Greenwich, London. The exhibition has been set up for awhile but finishes next weekend, so I decided to make use of my tickets. Those who know me in real life know that one of my favourite films is the original first "Star Wars" film. Last year, I went to "Star Wars" Celebration, which was held in London. A couple of years ago, I went to the special Secret Cinema screening of "The Empire Strikes Back" and the Cantina.


This exhibition was a showcase of some of the props used in the original and three prequel "Star Wars" films. In addition to showing the different props, the overlying journey was the "identity" aspect, following the characters Luke Skywalker and Annakin Skywalker and identifying key moments. During the understanding, each visitor was encouraged to create their own identity in the "Star Wars" universe by answering from ten questions throughout the exhibit.


The first question was to pick the species that you wanted to be. I selected human. The second question was gender, skin colour, and force identity for me.


While I went around the exhibit, I could read about the different costumes and props and see the artwork created to help design the films, settings, and characters. In some places, I could listen to video about specific characters and how they were designed or brought to life and the brainstorming behind them.



Luke Skywalker was originally considered to be a female character. This is a fact that I already knew before.




One of my favourite exhibits was the spaceships. They had virtually every ship from the original trilogy here: Star Destroyer, X-wing, B-wing, A-wing, Slave I, TIE fighter, TIE Interceptor, snowspeeder, Lambda-class shuttle, and more.





Additional questions provided included which character quote that you identify the most with, a small personality test, your parents' discipline style, which planet and job on that planet your parents had, which activity means the most to you, the job you identify most with, and a 'chance' question to answer. My chance question was that I won a planet in a game and asked if I'd like to become the successful and just ruler, hire someone else to do the job, or just take all the money/resources. I chose the first one. Out of the "jobs" they had (Jedi, fighter pilot, senator, musician, merchant, senator, bounty hunter), I choose Senator. The final question asked if you wanted to join the Emperor (Dark Side). I am on the side of the Rebel Alliance, so I said "no", of course.  


My result in full is located here: http://www.starwarsidentities.com/hero/en-ca/59a15f7391fbd

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