Krispy Kreme Doughnut Range at Selfridges

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Selfridges now has a Krispy Kreme doughnut kiosk in their food hall. Heated glazed doughnuts can be purchased as well as the standard Krispy Kreme doughnut offerings that you can find in shops and their stores. In addition, the special Selfridges Krispy Kreme kiosk are selling limited edition doughnuts, including their Selfridges doughnut for chocolate lovers; it is filled with chocolate.



Another offering is the Magic Unicorn doughnut, which I did buy. It is topped and filled with vanilla cream and comes in pink or blue. It is delicous.


There is also a salted caramel one and a fruity one on offer in Selfridges. At the moment, their Christmas ones are also on offer. I'm not sure how long they will operate the Krispy Kreme from Selfridges.

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