Hot Chocolate @ Ruby Violet

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I enjoyed my visit to Ruby Violet at King's Cross a couple of years ago when I happened to walk past and discover them. I had their lemon sorbet and then ice cream at a later time, and I was impressed. I was recently in the King's Cross area again for Lumiere London 2018, and I was tempted by the hot chocolate as the night was cold. Hot chocolate is served in two sizes: Short and Intense or Long and Frothy.


The short or small hot chocolate is a shot of liquid chocolate (Italian-style), and this is my preference and what I ordered. This is served with honeycomb crumbs, which can be sprinkled over the hot chocolate if you wish. This was served in an adorable small gold teacup, and it does not look like it, but the teacup is tiny. It's the size of an espresso shot.


In my opinion, this is one of the best chocolates that I have had so far in London. Next time, I'd love to try the larger version which is described as being frothy. With the chain coffee shops now creating absolutely terrible hot chocolate these days (two of the chains used to be fairly decent until a year ago, so I've really cut down my visits to 'almost-never'), I was happy to finally have a nice hot chocolate.

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