Lunch at Five Guys - Burger and Fries

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I have heard good feedback about Five Guys, but I have never visited until December when I visited with my parents. Five Guys started in Arlington, VA (the Washington D.C area) in 1986. They pride themselves on having fresh beef and fries instead of using frozen ingredients. Although it expanded into the United Kingdom in 2003, it has only recently expanded more and become a little bit more popular. I don't actually remember seeing the restaurants until five or six years ago, and it has been on my "to try" list since that time. After all this time, I have only just tried "Five Guys". So, I had pretty high expectations.


Unfortunately, "Five Guys" only sells beef, which I do not eat. They also make vegetarian options, limited to a vegetarian burger and grilled cheese. Milkshakes, chips, and free peanuts are on offer. All sandwiches can be customised with a number of different toppings.


I had the grilled cheese, and my feedback is not great. It comes with two slices of bun and American cheese slices. (American cheese never tastes like real cheese to me; I think it tastes and looks like plastic.) According to my parents, the burgers were not average. However, the fries were really nice. If I can cook the product much better than what I receive (and I make a really nice grilled cheese sandwich), then I cannot rate it highly. 


Unfortunately, I cannot claim that this place is as outstanding as the feedback I have heard suggested that it was. I thought that it was over-priced with a limited menu and average food. Overall, the cost per meal was roughly £15.00 per person. This is one fast food chain that I will not be going back to.

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