Street Art: Mr. Cenz

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Mr. Cenz is a street grafitti artist who has been painting the walls since the late 1980s. One of his walls in London that he regularly paints on is off of Redchurch Street, which has been painted with his work for at least two years. Around Brick Lane and Hackney Road are other areas where his work has been painted. His work features primarily female portraits in abstract views with bright colours, and the style is a grafitti style.

The artist was busy in London over the past several months, and a lot of new pieces appeared in new areas. He also had a show on at Pure Evil Gallery at the end of last year. Below are a selection of photographs of the artist's work in various locations.


The photograph above was taken in Croydon; sorry about the quality, but we couldn't stop to take it. It's a colourful piece, and it does look stunning.

Below is the building off of Redchurch Street that always has a piece by the artist.

JimmyC and Mr Cenz

For more information, see the artist's Facebook page here:

To view his official website, see:

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