Vera Bugatti Paints "Teratology" in Clerkenwell

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Vera Bugatti, an artist from Italy, arrived in London at the end of December in order to paint a massive 9x13 metre wall at the corner of Old Street and Goswell Street in Clerkenwell, London. Bugatti studied art and has painted walls and produced chalk sidewalk art all over the world. Her latest piece in London is a striking one on the massive wall. It depicts a young girl with green hair holding what appears to be a chicken, at quick glance, and wearing a fishbowl on her head. The irregular brickwork of the wall adds to this piece.   


The mural, named "Teratology" has much more meaning. On her website (1), Bugatti claims that the subject is inspired by environmental concerns. She choose to paint creatures with abnormalities, which can be caused by environmental factors and toxic chemicals to alter growth, development, and so on. A longer glance reveals that the rooster is not as it seems as it has furry hooves instead of chicken feet. The mouse on the girl's shoulder appears to have a fish's head, and a random fish is appeared in mid-air. They are abnormal creatures - monsters.


The girl is also not what she seems. When I examined this work, I took note that she stares blankly in space as if possessed (but also in awe) of the creatures. The image reminded me of something in a horror film. She is holding on tightly to the leg of the rooster. According to Bugatti, she is embracing and unwilling to let go of the creature, and her face is child-like, but her arms are not. 


This is really a striking piece and better to see in real life.


1) Bugatti, Vera. My huge wall in London! Street art save my life.

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