C215 Paints New Street Art in London

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French street artist C215 (whose real name is Christian Guemy), paints portraits of people and cats using stencils. The artist has previously painted in London, but the last time was in the summer of 2014 when a larger-scale piece was painted on Osborne Street south of Brick Lane. Additional pieces were painted in the winter of 2013, and several pieces were painted before this. Although some of the subjects of the artist's work are famous, others are simple and average people and the homeless. C215 has been painting since 2005 and his style is stencil-based. A lot of times, I see the same work from him but in different places, all over the globe. 


C215 is currently in London showing his work at Stolenspace Gallery, which is located on Osborne Street at the bottom of Brick Lane. His work (in the "Spitting Blood" exhibit) is on show until the 28th of May. Some of his artwork on display includes British celebrities, such as David Bowie and Amy Winehouse (pictured above). Amy's portrait appears on a red box near the gallery.


This man is located on 153 Brick Lane.


This older man is located on Osborne Street a few doors down from the gallery.


This man in uniform is around the corner from Allan Park off Brick Lane.


My favourite work of C215 is his cat stencils. I was happy to see a new cat stencil appear on Sclater Street. The stencil was painted in London previously on a similar door.


This man has a tatoo of Yoda from "Star Wars" on the back of his hand, and he is located in the middle of Brick Lane near the Truman Brewery.

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