Street Art by JimmyC, Boe & Irony, Trust Icon, and Others on Paradise Row

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Paradise Row has been getting a lot of street art attention recently, and several really excellent pieces have been sprayed and pasted up here in the past few weeks. I recently covered the new mural by Stinkfish and Mazatl, but I've taken a walk down the street from Bethnal Green tube station to capture more photographs. This post features work by Boe & Irony, JimmyC, Cheese London, Cardboard Skeleton, Trust Icon, Airbourne Mark, and more.


The first piece, a giant portrait of a pigeon, was painted by Boe & Irony. Sadly, this impressive mural was replaced fairly recently. This pigeon mural is probably an ode to London as pigeons are so common in the city.


When I visited the pigeon, someone was getting a photoshoot with a red velvet couch in front of it. 


The above piece is another example from one of the artists who contributed to the pigeon mural. The cat was painted by Irony and features the portrait of a giant tabby cat looking down on the street. Perhaps the cat is ready to pounce on the pigeon.


Further down the street (toward Bethnal Green), JimmyC (covered here) painted a mural on the wall. The mural features an eye and spheres using the point style of painting that JimmyC does so well.


The piece was added to by Cheese London, who is a graffiti artist whose work I have seen in Dalston, Hackney Road, Broadway Market, and Shoreditch. The artist typically paints yellow lettering with the name or sometimes just a block of yellow cheese.




Along the road, I also discovered a piece by Cardboard Skeleton and also saw an additional large mural by Pang, but this was covered and I was unable to get a good photograph.


Another excellent mural in Paradise Row is a piece by an artist known simply as Adam. The man in the bath is holding a newspaper from Network Rail informing them to move as gentrification takes hold of another area of east London.


23rdKey are another artist whose work I discovered on the street. The hands forming the shadow of a deer with antlers is a stunning piece visually.


I loved this portrait of a lady, but I could not find reference to the artist. I am certain that I've seen the style of portrait before, but I cannot remember.


Next to this mural is a stunning mural by Amara por Dios (covered here). Several other murals are located on the street, and I've snapped a few photographs to include them below.

Amara Por Dios

Dscreet (covered here)




Sweet Toof



Airbourne Mark

One of the most amusing walls on the street is a recent addition by Trust Icon, whose work always has an element of humour. This piece features a showering woman washing with a sponge, and the sponge is none other than Spongebob Squarepants. 

Trust Icon

To visit these murals, the nearest station is Bethnal Green underground station. Head directly north down Paradise Row and follow the rail arches to Hackney Road. 

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