Happy Easter 2017

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Happy Easter and spring to all of my readers! Your writer was looking forward to unpacking and "moving in" to the house this weekend as it has been under renovation since early December, and I've been confined to a single bedroom packed full of boxes upstairs while the whole of the ground floor was gutted. However, a couple of set-backs, builder mistakes, and contactors not turning up has meant that I'm stuck in this room for at least another couple of weeks. One of the worst bits about this has been not being able to cook and relying on take-aways that can be eaten without plates and cutlery as everything is covered in dust. I was hoping to cook a nice Easter meal, but that will now not happen. In fact, I've been planning everything so that I do not have to stick around the house much. In fact, I went to Whitechapel on Saturday to Rinkoff's Bakery. (You may remember that I covered the rainbow bagels and their bakery in general in previous posts.)


I really needed a pick-me up because of these set-backs beyond my control. The above rainbow cake is a chocolate cake, and it was filled with Cadbury's Mini Eggs in the middle; these were also placed on top of the cake. The cake is delicious, but it's very rich so I have been saving it.


I also brought home the special limited edition Cadbury Creme Egg Croughnuts (a.k.a Crodough or Cronut), which is the cross between a doughnut and a croissant. These are particularly delicious with the vanilla icing, creme egg on top, and the middle contains a creme egg fondant inside. The "dough" is flakey and gooey at the same time. It really is a treat.


I've also been craving hot cross buns, but the lack of a kitchen has meant that I've been unable to have any. However, I picked up a couple of these and managed to dust off the toaster and toast them. I hope that I am able to have more hot cross buns next year as I do enjoy a hot cross bun with a cup of tea.

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